Listing Stats

Originally Listed: August 2nd 2018

Days on the Market: 316

Originally Listed at: $198,000

Currently Listed at: $167,888


Since Aug. 2/19

Buyer Views: 27   Agent Views: 76

REALTOR.ca: (only shows views since the price change)

Last 7 Days: 57 Views

Last 30 Days: 213 Views

Last 90 Days: 295 Views


Last 30 days: 181

Overall : 261

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Listings in Aberdeen:

There are currently 9 house for sale in Aberdeen, ranging in price from $59,900 to $294,900. The house for $59,900 is a foreclosure that is in rough shape. There is a house listed for 179,000 that is 1.475 sq ft with an unfinished concrete basement. This will be our biggest competition. Here is a link to view it 211 4th Ave

There has been 1 house sell in Aberdeen in the last 90 days.


Homes that have Sold in Aberdeen in 2019:

1 house has sold in 2019, it was a newer house (2015) and sold for $350,000

We have had 4 email inquiries and 6 agent inquiries for 2019

4 agents didn't want to show because their clients didn't feel comfortable about the basement. The 2 agents that took their clients there said the clients thought the basement would be too much work.

I have clients that just purchased a home in Saskatoon and they are interested in purchasing the house as a revenue property. They are aware of the basement and are willing to build a new foundation and have the house moved. They take possession of their house in Saskatoon May 1st and once they are moved in and settled they will be ready to look at offering on Rupert.

The listing expires April 30/19 so we should get together to re list before then.

Have a great long weekend!