The listing stats for your house.

List Date: July 4/19

Numbers in brackets are from last report.

MLS Buyer views 121 (106)

MLS Agent views 304 (243)

Last 7 days 200 (124) views

Last 30 days 646 (536) views


Last 90 days 997 views


Last 30 days 332 (261) views

Overall 489

My Website

78 (51) views.


As you can see there are a lot of potential buyers and agents that have viewed the house. We have been on the market for 40 days, the average number of days on the market for homes in Lawson Heights, priced over $400,000 is 96 in 2019. There have been 7 showings to date, 3 in the last week and 2 scheduled for today. 

There are currently 59 (37) houses for sale in Saskatoon priced between $420,000 - $440,000, 2 are in Lawson Heights. 16 houses in this price range have sold in Saskatoon since yours has been on the market, 1 in Lawson Heights, 203 Wathaman for $427,000.

There is only 1 other house besides yours listed in this price range in Lawson Heights, 226 Frobisher. They listed at $439,900 July 19th and went down to $424,900 Aug. 1st

Millennials are the largest group of home buyers now and this is an article on what they are looking for in a home.