Listing Statistics for 759 Cowley Rd

Listed Oct 4/19

Days on the Market: 12

Numbers in brackets are from previous report.


40 Buyer views, 170 Agent views



Last 7 days: 116

Last 30 days: 303

Last 90 days: 303


Last 30 days:125

Overall: 125

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There are currently 195 houses for sale in Saskatoon with a square footage between 1,500 - 1,800. 5 of those are in Erindale, There are 39 for sale in Evergreen, Silverspring, Willowgrove and Arbor Creek. The price range is from $369,900 - $749,900

Since your house has been listed, one house has sold in this area, for $464,500. I will email you the listing.

The average days on market in this area is: 110

To date we have had one viewing that resulted in an offer that ended up conditional at $445,000

Since June 17/19, the day we listed your house, 22 houses in this size range have sold. 2 of those 22 sold for more than $700,000, neither of them had a suite. I will send you the 2 that sold.

Of the remaining 20, the highest sale price was $675,000

Average days on the market for homes of this size is 131 (142 was the average when the previous report was done), the average sales price is $554,959 (At the time of the last report the average sales price was $558,245. 

The last time someone requested to see the house was July 15th.