Listing Statistics for 1067 Glacial Shores

Listed June 17/19


34 Buyer views, 169 Agent views

Last 7 days, 69 Buyer views, Overall 109 buyer views


77 Buyer views

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3 Buyer views

There are currently 68 houses for sale in Saskatoon with a square footage between 1.900 - 2,100. 6 of those are in Evergreen. Out of the 68 for sale, 8 of them have a suite.

Average days on the market for homes of this size is 138, the average sales price is $449,233. The average sales price for those same size homes but built in 2014 or newer is $528,704.

There have been all of these potential buyers viewing the house but no one has made an appointment to look at it.


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